Puerto Rico Open Golf Course

Imagine this: lush green courses and breezy 80-degree year-round weather… you aren’t dreaming, you are in Puerto Rico! The Puerto Rico Tourism Company, along with the PGA, is bringing the biggest golf event of the year! Start practicing your swing, because the Puerto Rico Golf Tournament is here to challenge the golfer in you.

Golf is one of the oldest and most played games around the world. There are tons of benefits to playing this game, each one better than the next. Not only is it good exercise, but it is also a fantastic way to make friends and corporate relations and discover new destinations. The low-maintenance sport allows you to create a unique bond with the other players effortlessly. 

While playing this game, you can spend time with your friends and family, chat about your lives, and even finalize business deals – all on the golf course. Not to mention that it gives you a great excuse to be outdoors after a long day of being shut in the office, working.

So, are you ready to catch a break from your busy corporate lives? The Puerto Rico Open 2021 – 22’ is just around the corner to refresh your mood!

The Grand Event - All About the Puerto Rico Open

The main event starts on the 3rd of March and goes on until the 6th of March, with exciting competitions scheduled every day. All the matches of the golf tournament are to take place at the Grand Reserve Golf Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Each ticket costs $20.00, and general parking is available for all guests at $8.00 per day. Purchase your tickets here: https://www.ticketera.com/propen2022

The past years’ champions of the Puerto Rico Open

The Puerto Rico Golf Tournament is a very well-anticipated annual event that has people waiting for it every year. As soon as the bookings open for the tickets, golf enthusiasts from all over the world start pouring into Puerto Rico to get a chance to see their favorite golf players in action.

Here is a list of all the past years’ champions of the Puerto Rico Open who managed to take the trophy home:

  • Viktor Hovland – 2020 champion
  • Martin Trainer – 2019 champion
  • D. A. Points – 2017 champion
  • Tony Finau – 2016 champion
  • Alex Sejka – 2015 champion

The most recent winner of the Puerto Rico Open is the 2021 champion and this year’s defending champion – Branden Grace.

Professional Players Coming to Showcase Their Skills at The Puerto Rico Open

Like every year, there are some big names heading to Puerto Rico to win the grand prize at the Puerto Rico Open. Among the many professional golf players that we have invited from all over the world, here are some noteworthy names:

  • Jason Day
  • John Daly
  • Jordan Spieth

So, what are you waiting for?! Book your tickets now and witness your favorite golf players compete for the winning title!

Why Puerto Rico?

Wondering why we always host the biggest golf tournament in the world in Puerto Rico? Read below to find out what makes this island the perfect venue for such an event.

Puerto Rico is affectionately called the ‘golf capital of the Caribbean’ by people who love the sport. There are more than 30 impressive golf courses constructed to USGA standards on this magnificent island. Couple this beautiful architecture with the year-round warm weather that the region enjoys, and you have just described a golf aficionado’s paradise!

The playing venues in Puerto Rico differ greatly in their price point, terrain, and course design, so there is something for every golfer out there.