Puerto Rico Bed and Breakfast Program Launch

Explore Hidden Gems in Puerto Rico: A Guide to our Bed and Breakfast Program

When looking for the perfect retreat to unwind, relax, and explore…visitors and locals in Puerto Rico have found the perfect answer within the array of eclectic Bed-and-Breakfasts on the island. There’s no better place to experience the local customs and history, the warmth of home, the picturesque surroundings, and the local cuisine.

Sleep soundly in a cozy room, mingle with the owners and their families, enjoy authentic home-cooked meals made from fresh, local products, and then set out to explore the area.

When staying at our original bed and breakfasts you will find yourself immersed in historical town centers, coastal towns, mountains, or secluded locations. From nature-oriented to eco-friendly, or highly elegant, each location will enchant you with its charm.

  • Casa Sol captures the essence of old San Juan while enjoying a gastronomic tour de force.
  • San Sebastián Bed and Breakfast is just a few minutes from the San Sebastián historic town center.
  • Dos Aguas Bed and Breakfast is perfectly located at the entrance of El Yunque, and close to the Luquillo Beach and the Fajardo Bioluminescent Bay.
  • A 2 Tiempos Bed and Breakfast is an architectural jewel filled with period art and bathed by the mountain winds of San Germán.
  • Casa Flamboyant Bed & Breakfast is a favorite of famous artists with stunning vistas of The Yunque mountains.
  • Casa Isabel Bed and Breakfast is a renovated 1930s building wedged between Ocean Park and Condado designed to allow you to enjoy the company of other guests or keep to yourself.
  • Rainforest Inn Bed and Breakfast is elegant, secluded, and eco-friendly with a zen vibe with a koi pond, and a yoga studio that serves vegetarian delicacies in the tranquil environment of El Yunque.
  • 4 Casitas Bed and Breakfast is the start of an eco-friendly, self-sustaining community in the southwest mountains of Puerto Rico.
  • Casa Campo Bed and Breakfast offers the perfect combination of relaxation, a swimming pool, and local attractions in the San Sebastián area.
  • Dos Ángeles Bed & Breakfast is a cozy ‘guest house’ with all the comforts and stunning views of the coast of Rincón. With a pool area for cooling off or sunbathing, it is located near restaurants and bars and just minutes from the town center.
  • Villa El Monte Bed & Breakfast enjoys spectacular views of Vega Baja from its delightful infinity pool.

On March 9, 2022, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company celebrated the launch of revamped branding for its Bed and Breakfast program. The event provided business training to these important Puerto Rican companies. In addition, our Executive Director, Carlos Mercado, gave the participants an incentive check so that they can continue maximizing the potential of their businesses and increase marketing efforts.

So… when it’s time to disconnect from your routine and connect with nature and history, find your paradise away from everything and close to you in one of these awe-inspiring B&Bs!

Discover your home away from home at our Puerto Rico Bed & Breakfast program and book your retreat today!