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Doing Business

Puerto Rico offers businesses the security and stability to operate in a US jurisdiction, while providing an unmatched variety of tax incentives that make it an attractive destination for all companies, both large and small. On this page you’ll find all the information you need in order to move or start your business to the island in no time. 

Business in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s strategic geographic location and economic incentives deliver unique advantages that few other locations can provide. The strength of Puerto Rico as an investment opportunity lies, among other things, in its political stability, its modern infrastructure, and a highly skilled bilingual workforce.

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Planning Your Business

Depending on the kind of tourism project developed, the developer or business may be required to register with PRTC Room Tax Division and can request the Tourism Quality Office to inspect the premises and assess the services provided to qualify for PRTC’s promotional endorsement

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The Puerto Rico Tourism Company offers support
during all key stages of the planning and development of tourism projects.

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Tour Guides and Travel Agencies

Tour guides play an extremely important role in promoting a destination. These professionals offer not only information, but also enhance the image of the destination as well as enhance the experience of a visitor visiting a place or tourist attraction.

A travel agent is a person who serves as an intermediary between service providers for travelers, such as airlines, hotels and consumers.

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Hotel Development Corporation

The Hotel Development Corporation is a subsidiary of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. The HDC was created in 1992 in order to promote investment, development and construction of hotel projects.

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Lodging Categories and their Definitions

To help you understand the difference between hotel and parador, Posadas or Resort, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of different types of accommodation in tourism.

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Room Tax

As part of the requirements of Act 272, you must register as an innkeeper and request and innkeeper ID number from PRTC. You can obtain the registration at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Tax Division office located in Old San Juan.

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Puerto Rico’s natural beauty and world-class attractions make it a must-visit vacation spot, but these are not the only attractive selling points for the global tourism industry. The Island’s incentive package for the tourism and hospitality industry is equally enticing. You can access the Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Virtual Clerk to request incentives.

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Zones of Touristic Interest

A zone of touristic interest (ZTI) is any area within the Island providing a series of natural and man-made attractions which are at present developed or have tourist potentials.

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Gaming Division

The Gaming Division of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company regulates all administrative processes regarding licensing, franchise concession, supervision, and management of gaming operations in Puerto Rico.

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