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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions about the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to give you more information regarding the services we offer.
*If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please call contact us at 1-800-981-7575 or 1-787-721-2400. You can also email us filling the form found at the contact us page.

PRTC offers guidance and support to entrepreneurs interested in tourism-related businesses. The Planning and Development Office can provide an assessment of the project concept and help investors make informed choices about the future of their venture. PRTC may also provide “conceptual endorsement” at this stage to facilitate the evolution of the project through the next stages of development.

For information regarding the different ways the PRTC may be able to assist you in planning or expanding your business click here or contact the Planning and Development Office at PRTC Headquarters at 787-721-2400.

Obtaining endorsement from the CTPR can help improve the economic activity of your business, as it provides promotional opportunities in a variety of events and marketing campaigns.

Among the benefits obtained through the Puerto Rico Tourism Company Endorsement Program are the opportunity to participate and/or be promoted in activities sponsored by the PRTC; inclusion in the VoyTuristeando.com website; participation in certain market-specific public relations efforts; access to a variety of courses and workshops that improve your clients’ experience among others.

You can obtain additional information on the different types of endorsements and certifications available clicking here or contacting one of our Tourism Quality Officers from the Planning and Development Division at 787-721-2400 x.2158.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company oversees and monitors Travel Agencies and Travel and Excursion Wholesalers. Any person who offers reservations or sells tickets for air, maritime, and/or ground transportation for passengers to places within and/or outside Puerto Rico;  makes reservation for lodging, entertainment, or ground transportation; and/or promotes individual or group excursions or tour packages must register as an independent contractor with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

PRTC also manages the Tour Guide Certification Program which establishes the criteria, rules, regulations, tasks, responsibilities, and rights of any person interested in obtaining or renewing their Tour Guide Certification.

To obtain the list of certified organizations please click here. If you have any questions, would like additional information or need to report an incident or situation please contact the Oversight and Tourism Services Office at 787-721-2400 x. 4406 / 4205 / 4407 / 4206 / or 4503. For questions about tour guides please call x. 4060 or 4213

One of the ways the PRTC maximizes opportunities to make our destination even more attractive is by sponsoring events which generate economic activity throughout the Island.

The Sponsorship Committee of the PRTC receives and evaluates proposals for a diverse variety of activities and events held on the Island.

To obtain additional information regarding the requisites and the process to submit a proposal please call 787-721-2400 x 2027 or write to maritza.crespo@tourism.pr.gov.

According to Act Num 272, room tax refers to the fee and innkeeper is required to charge to guests staying at any lodging facility on the Island.

As part of the requirements of Act 272, as amended, anyone who owns and rents a property for a period of less than 90 consecutive days must charge a room occupancy tax equal to 7% of the room’s rate and submit it to the PRTC. This tax applies to studios, apartments, houses, villas or any other property rented for less than 90 consecutive days.

If you have any questions regarding a rental property or register to obtain your Innkeeper ID Number click here or contact the Room Tax Division at 787-289-1716, (787) 289-1717 or 787-289-1718.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company administers various properties which are available for events. Among these sites are the Paseo La Princesa, the La Princesa Building, Plaza Dársenas in front of the Old San Juan piers and Ventana al Mar in Condado.

To see the complete list of locations, rules for their use and the process to request authorization please click here.