Puerto Rico Tourism Company

Puerto Rico Tourism

General Overview of the PRTC

Puerto Rico’s strategic geographic location and economic incentives deliver unique advantages that few other locations can provide. The strength of Puerto Rico as an investment opportunity lies, among other things, on its political stability, its modern infrastructure, and a highly skilled bilingual workforce. We are the main air and sea access hub in the Caribbean with multiple weekly flight options to and from the United States and mayor cities in Latin America and Europe and ports that accommodate all types of vessels and cruise ships.

Puerto Rico remains ahead of the competition by offering a full range of options. The tourism industry has been identified as one of the economic engines with the most potential for growth. Our Tourism Incentive Program offers a flexible package of specific tax credits and exemptions that give a full scope of financial options. PRTC also assists investors in devising an adequate capital structure plan suited to the specific requirements of each tourism-focused project.

Our Organizational Structure

Executive Team

Carlos Mercado Santiago
Executive Director
Ana Leticia Vélez Santiago
Special Aid to the Executive Director
Leslie Díaz López
Public Relations and Communications Director
Lcda. Cármen L. Fernández Estebanez
Interim Director of Legal Department
Gustavo E. González Serrano
Chief Financial Officer
Walbert Pabon
Planning and Development Director

Board of Directors

  • Manuel Cidre Miranda, President

  • Lcdo. Ricardo X. Ramos

  • Sr. Roy E. Ramos Pérez

  • Lcdo. José E. Talavera Del Valle

  • Luis Umpierre

  • Dr. Marcos Vecchini Lugo

Organizational Structure

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), founded in 1970, is an entity that remains operational within the DDEC (in the process of consolidation).

It is responsible for stimulating, promoting, and regulating the development of Puerto Rico’s tourism industry. 


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  • Asesoramiento Legal
  • Recursos Humanos y Administración
  • Planificación y Desarrollo
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  • Promoción y Mercadeo
  • Servicios y Fiscalización Turística