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Lodging Categories and their Definitions

Promotional Categories


The Paradores is a trademark program of the PRTC comprised of lodging facilities that represent Puerto Rican history, culture, idiosyncrasy and hospitality outside the San Juan metropolitan area. The hostelries under this program have a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of seventy-five (75) rooms.


A trademark and program of the PRTC which seeks to promote the development of a network of urban, thematic, sustainable and high quality small and medium hostelries. Posadas are located in towns’ traditional urban centers and have a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of fifty (50) rooms. The objective of a Posada is to give tourists an experience of the culture, history and architecture of the urban environment where it is located while creating synergy to economically revitalize the old urban centers.

Special Categories

Overhead view of the El Conquistador Resort


A hotel or tourism complex that as part of its offerings provides restaurant(s), open spaces and gardens, commercial areas, areas for group or convention activities, a variety of sports and recreational activities such as aquatic and equestrian sports, and golf, activities for children, pools and other amenities and services to satisfy the needs of their guests within the said complex.

Time Sharing

Is defined as the right, real or personal, to use and occupy one or more accommodations on a periodic basis over a specific period and other conditions.


Residential/Touristic Project

A mixed use development project that combines residential uses with lodging activities such as;
1) Condo – Hotel
2) Bed & Breakfast
3) A residential project or rental management in Puerto Rico within a major touristic development master plan that includes at least a hotel or tourist villas.

The hostelry and tourism activities must constitute the principal component of the development and these elements will be the only ones considered for tourism incentives and/or endorsement. The Residential – Touristic concept is a type of development and not a type of hostelry.

Sustainable Tourism Categories

Standard Hostelery Categories

The Hotel Development Corporation is a subsidiary of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. The HDC was created in 1992 in order to promote investment, development and construction of hotel projects.

For information, please contact 787-721-2400, x-2063.

Other Categories

Short Term Rentals

  • Studios
  • Apartments
  • Homes
  • Villas
  • Other short-term (less than 90 consecutive days) rental properties

For more information, click here:
Active Short-Term Rental List


  • Inclusion in the official Puerto Rico Tourism Company webpages’ accommodation registry list.
  • Issue of a Registry Certificate that validates accommodations registered in the Room Tax Division.
  • Coordination of educational workshops throughout the Island.

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