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List of New Request for Travel Agencies and Wholesalers

Company Name
Application number
Category or type of license
Application Submission date
Fecha de publicación
Name of authorized representative or petitioner
Municipality where Company is stablished
Physical address of the proposed operations location
Mailing address of authorized representative
My Miracle Trips LLC
Agencia de viajes
16 de junio de 2023
Milagros González Rodríguez
Calle Angel Vidal Felix Esquina Luis H La Comba Local 3 Hatillo
Colinas de Hatillo Calle Zafiro #144 Hatillo PR 00659
Fundación para la Capacitación y Liderazgo para Gobiernos y Cuerpos Legislativos (FUCALI)
Agencia de viajes
22 de junio de 2023
Isidro Negrón Irizarry
San Germán
240 Calle Amapola, reparto Suris, San Germán
240 Calle Amapola, reparto Suris, San Germán 00683
Pasaporte en Modo Avión
Agencia de Viajes
30 de junio de 2023
Joseph Hipólito Sánchez Santiago
San Juan
Urb. Floral Park 57 Calle Sevilla San Juan
Villa Rica AL 22 Calle Josefina Bayamón PR 00959-4915
Turquesa Travel & Tours LLC
Agencia de Viajes
30 de junio de 2023
Lilliam Gómez Cabrera
San Juan
Condominio Segovia Local #2 650 Calle Ing. Sergio Cuevas Bustamante San Juan
Urb. Monte Elena #202 Hortensia, Dorado PR 00646-5622
Tourista LLC
Licencia de agencia de viajes
Miriam I. Pabón Carrión
Barrio Mamey, carretera 189 km 18.5, Local #2, Juncos, PR 00777
1350 carretera 203 Apto. 188, Gurabo, PR 00778-7728
Red Beak Travel Experience LLC
Mayorista de Viajes
21 agosto 2023
4 octubre 2023
Carlos Rivera Rodriguez
Barrio Guanajjibo 445 Gonzlaez Clemente Ave Carretera 102 KM Mayaguez, PR
452 Calle Hermanos Rodriguez Mayaguez, PR 00680
Viva Dreams Travel Agency LLC
Agencia de Viajes
11 de octubre 2023
10 de noviembre 2023
Génesis N. Vázquez Morales
Cale Héctor R. Bunker, Caguas, PR 00739
Ciudad Cristiana 425 Ave. Bolivia, Humacao, PR 00791-4829
Airplane Mode Travel Agency
Agencia de Viajes
29 de noviembre de 2023
8 de diciembre de 2023
Gabriela Marie Pierluissi
The Fox Hotel primer nivel – C. Isabel-Muñoz Rivera, Ponce, 00730
Reparto Anaida Gardens 200 Palma Real, APT 116 Ponce PR, 00716
Madre Patria Travel LLC
Agencia de Viajes
30 de noviembre de 2023
8 de diciembre de 2023
Marylee Negroni Cruz
San Juan
Condominio El Centro I #500 Ave. Luis Muñoz Rivera San Juan PR 00918
Urb. El Encanto Calle Azalea, Buzón 1914 Juncos PR 00777
Agma Travel & Tours LLC h/n/c Agma Travel Agency
Agencia de viajes
8 de noviembre de 2023
13 de diciembre de 2023
Adriana G. Toro Rodríguez
Route 345 Km 1.5 Amagon Industrial Park, Suite B, Hormigueros, PR.
PO Box 2027 Boqueron, PR 00622.
Agma Travel & Tours LLC
Mayorista de Viajes y Excursiones
8 de noviembre de 2023
13 de diciembre de 2023
Adriana G. Toro Rodríguez
Route 345 Km 1.5 Amagon Industrial Park, Suite B, Hormigueros, PR.
PO Box 2027 Boqueron, PR 00622.
Viaja PR LLC
Agencia de viajes
18 de diciembre de 2023
29 de diciembre de 2023
Sandra Santiago Roque
Condominio Las Torres Norte, Oficina 4G Bayamón PR 00956
500 Villas de Ciudad Jardin, Apt. 217 Bayamón PR 00957-671
LGG Consulting Corp. h/n/c Crece Travel
Agencia de viajes
24 de enero de 2024
29 de enero de 2024
Edwin Carlo Robles
Urb. Forest Hills, Marginal Núm.13, Local 2, Bayamón, PR 00959
Valles de Torrimar 121, Guaynabo PR, 00966
García Córdoves LLC h/n/c Camino al Norte Agency
Agencia de viajes
6 de febrero de 2024
9 de febrero de 2024
Daniel García Zayas
San Juan
1413 Ave. Ponce de León, Suite 400 PMB 0309, San Juan, PR 00907
Hacienda San José, Asomante 109, Caguas, PR 00725

Objection Process

Any natural or legal person who wishes to object to the request filed or who wishes to appear and be heard in relation to the petition shall submit a sworn document detailing the facts on which he bases his right to intervene and be heard, within a period of fifteen (15) days, counted from the date of presentation of the request.  notifying the petitioner in writing at his mailing address and the Company at the following address:

Oficina de Servicios y Fiscalización Turística- Secretaría

P.O. Box 9023960

San Juan, P.R. 00902-3960

Tour Guides

Tour guides play an extremely important role in promoting a destination, as they offer not only information, but also enhance the image of the destination and the experience of a guest visiting a place or tourist attraction. As a key element in the quality and way that a customer understands and enjoys the activities during his visit, these professionals have to follow high quality standards. The CTPR is the agency that supervises the certification and education of tour guides on the island, as selected by the government of Puerto Rico. 

Click on the links on the side to learn more about tour guide certifications and laws and regulations that apply to the field in Puerto Rico.

Travel Agencies and Wholesalers

A travel agent is a person who serves as an intermediary between service providers for travelers, such as airlines, hotels and consumers, and offer advice on transportation options, accommodations and details regarding trip planning. Most travel agents are affiliated to a travel agency but some are self-employed. The tourist transportation department of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company ensures that travel agencies operate under the applicable law and serve as a mediator when difficulties arise with a client.

Click on the link to learn more about the laws and regulations that apply to travel agencies in Puerto Rico.

Regulatory orders issued

Local Routes endorsed by the Tourism Company

Local and international travelers can visit off-the-beaten-path locations and historic landmarks through the Island by following the thematic routes endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Each route offers the opportunity to discover more about the culture and history of the Island. Plan your tour with a PRTC certified guide so you don’t miss any of the details in the route or enjoy the route on your own.

  1. Ruta de la Salsa – Santurce “De Barrio Obrero a la 15….”
  2. Ruta de la Salsa – Viejo San Juan “Calle Luna Calle Sol….”
  3. Ruta de la Salsa – “Salsa es Ponce”
  4. Ruta Criolla de la Salsa – Caguas
  5. Ruta San Juan Bautista
  6. Ruta Porta del Sol Sagrado
  7. Ruta Taína