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About Us


Our mission is to create and ease the implementation of public policy in order to make Puerto Rico a main and unique destination within the world tourism market.

We want to establish Puerto Rico as the focus of Caribbean tourism.


Project Puerto Rico as a leader in all of the components of economic development.

Puerto Rican beach with palm trees, white sand and clear blue skies and ocean.
About the Puerto Rico Tourism Company

A breathtaking destination to mix business and pleasure and enjoy life at its fullest.

Experience the Life of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s strategic location and fiscal incentives, offer opportunities that very few destinations can.

Learn About Doing Business in the Tourism Industry

Learn about investment opportunities, explore our culture, our beautiful natural settings, and experience the warmth of our people.

Puerto Rico combines the protection of operating under the jurisdiction of the U.S. legal system with the benefits of a foreign tax structure.

Need help planning your business? Find out about the steps and resources you might need.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Whether you are a local, new in town, or just visiting, Puerto Rico offers an amazing diversity of events and festivals throughout the year.

Puerto Rico’s strategic location and fiscal incentives, offer opportunities that very few destinations can.


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We are the main air and sea access hub in the Caribbean with multiple weekly flight options to and from the United States and mayor cities in Latin America and Europe and ports that accommodate all types of vessels and cruise ships.

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Whether you are a startup entrepreneur wanting to establish your first tourism-focused business; an established business owner looking for growth opportunities; or a large multinational corporation, the time to invest in Puerto Rico is now.